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" there is 
nothing between
 breath and truth
set free..."
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Ray McNiece, poet, performer, educator - poems, poetry education, performer, and more...(photo)

Ray McNiece


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      At present I've chosen not to use an agency, and therefore control and book my own schedule and appearances. In preface, please contact me regarding availability, as this is an ever-changing process, and dates may be open. Ray in Russia

Event, Education, or Performance Planning:
Information Sharing, Background, Promotions

INTRO. & PURPOSE:  How can we help you? The information is that appears here is for you, both ideas and suggestions, to make it easier for you to do what you need to do. Whether you have just discovered this web site, been referred to us, or heard about Ray McNiece and Page-to-Stage Productions, we want to help you plan a program. If your purpose is to decide on booking a performance, education, music, motivational program, or to plan and promote these, this is for you. If you need to get input and ideas from others you're associated with, involve other decision-makers in taking a closer look, the following should help you immensely. Beyond that, please tell us what you need. If anything is unclear, here, contact me or the webmaster > Email Webmaster

SHARING INFO. WITH OTHERS:  Often there are other people involved in evaluating programs and performers. If this is the case, do the others you want to share information with have internet access? Do they have email? Must you share "hard copy" or printed information with them, either in person in a meeting or by regular mail? On this page you can download items that will help you, immediately, like Ray's bio or photos you can use. You may distribute these by email or mail or however you choose. Contact me for printed brochures.     [ back to top ]

HARD COPY: Access or download and print from files that appear below. Print and distribute via mail or distribute at a meeting, along with any notes and specifics from communicating with Ray or Page-to-Stage Productions. This information is set up in different file types to suit your purposes.
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DOWNLOAD:  Download the biographical statement (the copy that appears on the page, "the poet") in the format that suits your purposes:  promotion of an event for which Ray is scheduled, to print for a meeting or discussion, distribution to other decision-makers, etc. To download, simply click on the underlined bold FILE TYPE listed in the right column>  then save to your computer. Print or format, then distribute. 

TEXT:  A text file, unformatted. You can then format in the way that you wish> bios_texts/bio rev 5 5.txt  
RTF:  Rich text format. May be better than the text file, depending > bios_texts/bio rev 5 5.rtf
PDF:  A PDF (portable document format) file to print already formatted.> bios_texts/bio rev 5 5.pdf
DOCMS Word document file> Biography -- Ray McNiece, Poet, Actor, Singer, Educator
HTM:  Go to the page entitled "the poet". Print it. The bio, the sample poem, photos should print and, depending upon your printer, and may be usable for your purposes. 

CD and Book Order Form:

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PHOTOS:  Click on any photo on this web site. If a "bar" appears, choose "Save as" or "Print". It will print or you can save it to a file on your computer, send in an email, use for a flyer or poster, etc. Or, right click your mouse and do the same. NOTE: Most/many of the photos on this website are LOW RES photos. Contact me and I'll arrange higher resolution photos to be sent via email if needed. 

SOME IDEAS:  Along with specifics or any notes you think they would find helpful:
- Send a page or more from this website directly from your browser (File, Send -usual command),
- Send an email with the link to the web site. Indicate what pages are most important to you or your situation. 
- Download and send any of the files above attached to the email.  

SCROLL DOWN for Telephone and contact numbers, email, and contact me.

Thank you very much, Ray

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Ray McNiece


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Ray McNiece, poet, performer, educator


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