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" there is 
nothing between
 breath and truth
set free..."
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Ray McNiece, poet, performer, educator - poems, poetry education, performer, and more...(photo)

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"Follow your bliss, 
follow your calling, 
follow your passion..."

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Blue Sky Transmission program

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DIS:  Voices from a Shelter 


DIS:  Voices from a Shelter, the final version

I am currently working on DIS:  Voices from a Shelter, the final version. More on this to follow soon. See reviews and commentary on this work in ray's books, a description of DIS... and the Collector's Editions available now, but only for a short time.... 



Books in progress:  Poems for Children, and a book on Cleveland
(Available, Our Way of Life)

I am currently working on finishing a book of children's poems, and it is well along the way. If you are a potential reviewer of a work like this, or a publisher who would interested in taking a look, please contact me. The book on Cleveland has been published and is available.  

Click to email RayIf you'd like to communicate your interest to me right now, click the email icon at right. Thanks. And I'll get back in touch. 

Invitation to Collaboration

If you're a serious or professional poet, performer or actor, musician, playwright,  writer, producer, and the like, I am open to looking at ideas that would fit both my interest and my style. I'm open. If you have a feel for what I'm doing after looking through my web site and you have an idea where you think we might have a match, I urge you to contact me and run it by me. One never knows. If you have such an idea you'd like to communicate to me right now, click the email icon at above right. Thanks. And I'll get back in touch.Blue Sky Transmission           


very successful past collaborations...

Blue Sky Transmission
A Tibetan Book of the Dead

Cleveland Public Theatre, Blue Sky Transmission, A Tibetan Book of the Dead, a play by co-authors Ray McNiece, Raymond Bobgan, Patricia Harusame-Leebove, Mike Geither. Cleveland and New York City - opened in 2002. 

and another...


Flanagan's Wake, FINAL Cleveland Performance was Nov. 21-22 (past), Powerhouse Pub

Ray with former Mayor Jane Campbell


The photo here was taken in celebration of the 500th performance of Flanagan's Wake. shown here are Ray with former Cleveland Mayor Jane Campbell, who attended the celebration. The priest (it's only a costume) is none other than John Regan, the owner of Rodeo Clowns, the production company that performs Flanagan's Wake - he masterfully plays the Priest in the performance. 



















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Ray McNiece, poet, performer, educator


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