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" there is 
nothing between
 breath and truth
set free..."
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Ray McNiece, poet, performer, educator - poems, poetry education, performer, and more...(photo)

Ray McNiece


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Host and sponsor your own Poetry Slam....
and for very good reasons...

Universities, Colleges 

High Schools, Secondary

    Please see biographical information on Ray, but if there is one person that you'd want to see host and run a poetry slam, use this vehicle to bring out the very best in people, it would be a winner, a champion - someone who knows poetry, poetry slams, and poetry education, inside and out. That person would be Ray McNiece. See comments below from students, and scroll down for photos of Ray and some winning poetry slam teams on the national level. 


What is a poetry slam? What are the rules? How's this work? Etc. Click below...
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PSI - Poetry Slam, Inc. 

For colleges and universities...

some features, benefits, outcomes, comments...

  • Focus school and community-wide attention on your English & Poetry Program

Newspaper headline:  POETRY COMES ALIVE AT ______ 
"I'm so glad Dr. ___________ set this program up. 
I'll never forget this experience." 

  • Increase student skill & appreciation levels

"I had a very limited view of poetry before. 
Opened my eyes."

  • Students experience the power and beauty of the spoken word

"Blew me away. I never experienced poetry like this."

  • Students build self-esteem through self-expression and the completion of a process

"It was so cool to write and learn my own poem and then actually perform it. Awesome." 

  • Enhance & jump-start interest in your poetry program efforts

"...this was really fun. I've told a lot of people about it, that they should come and try this, even my roomate."

  • Students build skills and their confidence expands

   "I never thought I'd be able to do that. Never. Get up and perform? Ray made the impossible seem pretty easy." 

  • Students learn improved communication skills

"I think it's easier to get up and express myself now 
wherever I am." 

  • Provides lasting values and learning

"Best English class I ever had. 
I can really use what I learned here." 

    Program meets core values, and nets a positive impact on students, school, 
department, and community


    If you'd like to hear comments like these from your students and others, take one more step and contact Ray for the details. 

photos below
Ray on winning Boston team


(above) Ray McNiece wins on the Boston Slam Team, '91

Boston team of 92

(above) The Legendary Boston Championship Team of '92...
(poets, left to right) Richard Cambridge, Benson Wheeler, Ray McNiece - Captain - & Danny Solis


(above) Poets Danny Solis, Ray McNiece, and Ted Vaca

Winning Cleveland Slam Team

(above) Ray captains the '94 Cleveland Champs, the Cleveland Slam Team, poets extraordinaire...
(left to right) Daniel Gray-Kontar, Ray McNiece, Tia Dianne Hodge, Kwanza Brewer


FOR MORE INFORMATION on this, click here >  CONTACT RAY      

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Ray McNiece


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Ray McNiece, poet, performer, educator


Telephone:   440-918-0878
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